Sunday, April 29, 2012

Precious life

Something struck me the other day after reading a blog post how precious life is. My friend Victoria over at hibiscus bloem blogged yesterday about a missing child in kuala lumpur. Nayati Moodlair went missing in Kuala Lumpar on Friday and there seems to be no trace. His parents are frantic and need everyone's help. As I was out jogging today I thought about the parents and how I might even pass by that child and not realise he had been taken from his parents. How can I help? It may be little but please pass this blog on or visit the facebook page. Every little helps.

When the children came home i hugged them. Rose said "mummy your silly". I replied "you will understand one day". My little witches as their grandpa calls them because they are enchanting and they cast you under their spell.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Sugar diet

I have been surrounded by too much cake this week. I have been on a baking frenzy. The family were in real baking heaven. First up this week my princess had her third birthday party which gave me the chance to try out new recipes. A chocolate fudge cake for the birthday cake, a super moist carrot cake, jammy jam tarts, pink coloured cupcakes and the best ever brownies. Add a marble cake and another batch of cupcakes for good measure is enough to increase anyones waistband.

Thalia turned 3 last week and as we took her out to a theme park for her birthday hosted the party one week later. A chance for me to bake and catch up with some wonderful friends. The birthday princess was in heaven as were Bart's work colleagues when they were presented with the left overs.

A very good friend of mine Helen from Helen's Baking Heaven hosted a bake and cake club this Friday. The only rules of joining was to bake whatever theme presented. This month was cupcakes. My least favourite but rose to the challenge with raspberry and white chocolate chip with white chocolate buttercream taken from DC cupcakes book. After much practise and many failed attempts I seem to have mastered the technique of cupcakes. Each guest had baked 12 cupcakes with arrays of different flavours range from lemon poppyseed, carrot cake and even a savoury flavour. Mine are on the white tray! How many calories on one table? Delicious.

I also made my very first 3d lightening mcqueen this week. Am surrounded by pink and plastic in our house but somehow i found a toy version to use to model against. I must say I underestimated this cake as other bakers certainly make it look easy however the end result I was happy with.

I didnt have much time for shoes this week but am on the hunt for orange shoes since it's Queen's Day here in Holland on Monday. But since am on the theme of cake am waiting for the perfect occasion to make these cupcakes.

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